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Revolutionizing Waste Management for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to Aspen Innovation Park, where we transform your municipality's waste management challenges into sustainable, eco-friendly solutions. Our cutting-edge technology ensures complete waste elimination with net negative emissions

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Service Overview

  • Comprehensive waste management tailored for municipalities, handling MSW and recyclables.

  • Partnership with Carbotura ensures zero-emissions and 100% diversion from landfills.

  • Advanced technology eliminates the need for waste sorting and combustion.

  • Atmospheric carbon capture integrated into the waste processing.

  • Transforming waste into valuable, reusable materials, redefining the concept of waste management.

Imagine a future where waste is an asset.

The Future is NOW

  • Transforming waste from a challenge to an opportunity, leading to a sustainable future.

  • Economic benefits through new resource creation, job opportunities, and local industry support.

  • Turning waste into a community asset, contributing to overall prosperity.

  • A tangible, achievable vision of eco-friendly and prosperous municipalities.

  • Building a sustainable legacy, one municipality at a time through innovative waste management solutions.

Revolutionizing Green Technology

Innovating Sustainability

  • Prioritizing sustainability at every step, transforming waste management into a carbon-negative process.

  • Cutting-edge technologies for eco-friendly waste processing, aligning with community environmental goals.

  • Continual innovation for improving and advancing eco-technologies in waste management.

  • Reducing carbon footprint and actively removing carbon from the atmosphere.

  • Setting new benchmarks in environmental responsibility for municipalities.

Our Mission: Empowering municipalities with innovative waste management solutions that are both environmentally and economically sustainable.

Our Team

Randall Johnson -Founder

Co-Founder of Aspen Innovation Park, driving innovative environmental change with a commitment to a sustainable future.

John Kindrachuk -CEO 

Co-Founder of Aspen Innovation Park, combining deep-rooted agricultural wisdom with cutting-edge sustainability to reshape our environmental future.

Christine Brunsden

Blending her expertise in legacy planning with Aspen Innovation Park's vision, she's dedicated to fostering sustainable and inclusive futures.

more of our team

Barry Reid

Barry combines his depth of experience in construction and engineering to help industries adopt sustainable practices.

Jacob Page 

Jacob blends his rich background in economic development and leadership to spearhead innovative, sustainable growth strategies.

Our Vision: To lead the way in sustainable urban development, transforming waste into opportunity

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